Enjoyed your lunch? Now here’s a chance to share that joy with someone less fortunate.

“Tonnes of food get wasted everyday. That amount of food can feed hundreds of children. That is the potential we are trying to work on” – Kanpuriya Singh

One of the most disturbing dichotomies of a fast growing metropolitan city like Mumbai is the unequal distribution of wealth, privileges and even civic amenities. There are close to 200,000 street and slum children who go without food for days.

The Mumbai Dabbawala’s deliver 120 tons of food everyday out of which 16 tons is left uneaten. Happy Life Welfare society decided to give it a shot to get food left over in dabbas to hungry street children and that’s how the Share My Dabba initiative took off.

All you have to do is mark your dabba with a ‘share’ sticker if there is food left in it. The dabbawalas would separate the ones marked with the sticker and leave it with volunteers while on their way back. The food is then shared with the hungry kids via the volunteers. Here’s a video on how it works:


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