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Yellow Seed – a content development agency based out of Mumbai provides original, relevant and engaging content to its audience. I interviewed Aashutosh Katre, Director – Planning & Business Development to find out more. Big thank you to Aashutosh Katre for the interview.

To start with, tell us a bit about yourself – your background, education and organizations/initiatives you are involved with?

The thrill of conceptualizing, creating and developing something from scratch has always captivated me. These interests helped me carve out my career as an entrepreneur. The journey has just begun. I am a Commerce Graduate with a PG Diploma in Advertising and an Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing.

For the last 6 years, I have been a Managing Partner at Creative Workshop, an advertising agency. Currently driving the growth and expansion of the agency.

Yellow Seed a content development agency was launched about 18 months back. My role as Director, Planning & Business Development involves looking at the micro and macro aspects of the business, strategy and ensuring delivery while maintaining efficacy.

I am also a member and Chairperson of the ‘Young Entrepreneurs Wing’ of MACCIA (Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture).

What is Yellow Seed? What services it provides to its customers?

The advent of digital media and its impact on consumer behaviour has brought content creation to the forefront. It is a new, exciting field to be in, with immense potential for growth. So we came up with the idea of starting a ‘Content Development’ company which focuses on understanding the varied requirements of brands / organisations and creating the right content for their audience. Yellow Seed was formed as a team of planners and content writers who have passion for writing.

We develop content plans for our clients and ideate on the nature and form of content before actually developing and creating it. The services that we offer are broadly divided into 2 domains. – The World which covers platforms / formats such as Copywriting, Marketing collaterals, Corporate presentations, Press Releases, Technical writing, Academic writing, White Papers etc. While The Web covers the new formats such as Website copy, Social media content, SEO articles, Online PR content, Blogs, Reviews, etc.

What makes Yellow Seed different from its competitors?

What you say to your audiences needs to be original, relevant and engaging. That is where Yellow Seed has an edge. We back ourselves very strongly and deliver ‘quality’ content.

Also, being a team of content writers with strengths in various domains gives us a wider spread of domain knowledge to develop content suitable for different industries and genres.

Participants at India's First Speed Blogging Contest hosted by Yellow Seed
Participants at India’s First Speed Blogging Contest hosted by Yellow Seed

How is the entrepreneurial journey been so far? What part of entrepreneurship do you love? What do you hate?

The journey so far has been very exciting. The Advertising and Content Development ventures are my current focus. In the past, I have launched and managed a specialty restaurant and worked in the field of event management. I have also dabbled in acting in Theatre, TV serials and movies. These varied experiences helped me build skills such as people management, problem solving, innovative thinking and resourcefulness. The learning continues.

As an entrepreneur you play multiple roles. That to me is the best part. It helps better one’s way of thinking and understanding. There is no part of being an entrepreneur that I dislike or hate. Only regret is the lack of time. With so many ideas in mind, I only wish I had more time on hand to explore and execute them.

What is the 3 year vision for Yellow Seed? What are the biggest challenges to get your business to the next level?

The next 3 years are very crucial for Yellow Seed. We are looking at firming our foothold and preparing for the growth phase. Newer markets, newer formats, and some of our own work which we intend to publish. Yellow Seed has a lot in the pipeline which shall help us scale up the business.

Yes we are strong on the Quality index in what we do. But for any business to get to the next level, quantum is also of equal importance. Maintaining the growth trajectory is the key challenge. But we have put our plans and strategies in place taking that into account.

And lastly, how do you keep inspired and motivated, and not get burned out?

The drive to visualize and realize your dreams is a very strong motivator. And with a team which is equally passionate and committed to it, there is no scope for a burn out. Every day at work is fun and happening.

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