Awesome means “Inspiring awe or admiration or wonder or amazing”. “Awesome Some” is an attempt to capture the perspectives of some amazing people in this world. These people may or may not be well renowned but have taken a path less traveled, people who think different, people who are doing great work to make this world a better place and people who quit their lucrative jobs to become entrepreneurs.

Do contact me if you know some awesome person and want him to interviewed for this blog.

About the author

Praveen Modi is a technology consultant by profession, a wannabe entrepreneur and blogger by passion. His bread and butter comes by working @ Razorfish which is one of the largest digital advertising agency in the world. As an expert in enterprise technologies, he helped develop applications and provided consultation to companies like Microsoft, AMD and DELL. Prior to Razorfish, he worked for Microsoft and Wipro Technology.

Praveen holds an MBA in International Business along with more than a dozen certifications in Microsoft Technologies. He is an avid Internet geek and likes to read world economics.

Praveen’s mantra for life is “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream“. He draws inspiration from Dhirubhai Ambani who is a folk hero to millions of Indians, who taught Indians to dream big and Bill Gates for his mission “all lives have equal value“. He lives in sunny Austin, TX with his beautiful wife Nidhi and two sons Aariv Jai and Aditya Jai.

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